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Neutral Corner offers support and educational services for the trans and gender nonconforming community in San Diego. Our mission is to bring greater awareness and provide a safe and welcoming setting open to a broad range of gender identities and expressions.

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About Us

The Neutral Corner is in your corner.

Neutral Corner, founded in 1985, is the oldest transgender organization in San Diego. We serve trans and gender nonconforming individuals by hosting meetings, fundraising, organizing events, and educating the broader community on trans issues. Neutral Corner is working toward a world where every person is accepted without judgment, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Community News & Articles

Martin Luther King and The American Conscience

To me Martin Luther King ranks among the great Americans in our history. He was a true warrior. He fulfilled...

Coming Out – General Tips

From https://lgbtrc.usc.edu/resources/comingout/tips/ Be patient with yourself. It’s not necessary to tell everyone at once. Take your time. Don’t push yourself....


Practical information for dealing with the inevitable bigotry faced by all transmen and transwomen: http://www.imlocal.co.nz/uncategorized/9-ways-trans-people-can-deal-with-transphobia/ and also http://liberalamerica.life/2016/05/27/6-ways-shut-bigoted-anti-lgbt-arguments/

Upcoming Events

January 28, 2020

San Diego Transgender Military Hail and Farewell

8885 Balboa Avenue

Make to certain to attend this first event for 2020. Angela will lead a discussion and planning...

February 7, 2020

First Friday Breakfasts

3949 Ohio Street

Join us for eggs and issues at the North Park Diner every first Friday of the month....

January 25, 2020

4th Saturday Suppers

3444 College Blvd.

Join us again for our regular 4th Saturday get together at Coco's Restaurant 3444 College Ave. in...


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