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Neutral Corner offers support and educational services for the trans and gender nonconforming community in San Diego. Our mission is to bring greater awareness and provide a safe and welcoming setting open to a broad range of gender identities and expressions.

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About Us

The Neutral Corner is in your corner.

Neutral Corner, founded in 1985, is the oldest transgender organization in San Diego. We serve trans and gender nonconforming individuals by hosting meetings, fundraising, organizing events, and educating the broader community on trans issues. Neutral Corner is working toward a world where every person is accepted without judgment, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Community News & Articles

Snapchat Gender Flip Image Filter

Technology marches on. A new Snapchat application helps transpeople find themselves, and can also teach cis-people what it means to...

Inaccurate Study of SD Police Released

In a Monday May 6th article the San Diego Union-Tribune reported the findings of a study conducted by the National...

Supreme Court To Hear T-Discrimination Case

It’s rare for a trans-rights issue to reach all the way to the US Supreme Court, but the court has...

Upcoming Events

August 1, 2019

Gender Odyssey Coming to San Diego August 1-4

8757 Rio San Diego

Make plans now to attend Gender Odyssey August 1-4 in San Diego! Produced by Gender Odyssey and...

July 12, 2019

San Diego Pride Festival July 12-14

6th and El Prado

From She-Fest, to the Spirit of Stonewall rally, to the last concert, San Diego LGBT Pride is...

May 3, 2019

First Friday Breakfasts

3949 Ohio Street

Join us for eggs and issues at the North Park Diner every first Friday of the month....


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