Transpeople making steady but slow inroads into corporate America. See:    
The 16th Annual Transgender Day of Empowerment (TDOE)  was held on April 5th at the Hillcrest LGBT Center. It focused on the key ingredients to Trans Empowerment of Scholarships, Employment, and Public Service. Academic study is always.
Vicki Estrada owner of Estrada Land Planning and a Neutral Corner business panelist was featured in a TED talk released on March 24. Congratulations to our community member Vicki who continues to impress everyone she meets. You.
Once unthinkable, trans political candidates have become more visible in a number of electoral races. However, they still face the sheer financial challenge of running for public office. See          
Perhaps the most important front in the fight for transrights is for health insurance coverage of crucial medicines and affirming surgeries. See