Trans woman admonished in bathroom incident at North County bar

Joe Tash of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that a local trans woman was recently admonished at a Solana Beach bar for using the women’s restroom. North County resident Nataliya Holmes reported being told by an employee of the Belly Up Tavern to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender listed on her driver’s license.

Holmes reported feeling publicly shamed and discriminated against. Holmes and her wife were attending a performance of the group Vaud and the Villians at the bar on March 23. According to Ms. Holmes, when she spoke to the bar manager, Jeff Keeping, he affirmed what the employee had said to her.

The article goes on to list interviews with Kevin Kish of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), who said the alleged incident would be a “…clear violation of state law.” Holmes intends to file a complaint with DFEH, who would investigate and attempt to mediate any resolution between Holmes and the Belly Up Tavern.

Upon hearing of the incident, the band, Vaud and the Villians, issued a statement citing their pride in having a broad and diverse fan base. They stated that they would not hesitate to abstain from playing at any venue that maintained a policy that discriminated against anyone.

The full article appeared in the Union Tribune on March 30.

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