Neutral Corner represented at Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast May 18

Members of Neutral Corner and invited guests attended the 10th Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast last Friday May 18th. The annual event is held to celebrate the life and work of civil rights  activist and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk. Along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Milk was assassinated on November 27, 1978 at San Francisco City Hall.  Neutral Corner members Ashley Palmer, Billie Anne Corrente, Michelle Dungan, Veronica Zerrer, and Jayme Webster were joined by distinguished guests Officer Christine Garcia of the San Diego Police Department, Nicollette Ibarra of Transgenero 2000, Jae Rose of San Diego Trans Pride, and Jolene LaSalle, and Brent Carter.

This year’s event recognized the community members working for Trans children and young people as well as the life work of Lilian Faderman, and Russell Roybal.

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All members and guests enjoyed free entry to the $160 a plate event due to the sponsorship of The San Diego LGBT Center. Our thanks go out to The Center for honoring us and the work we do in such a generous and visible way. Thank you! The breakfast was held at the Hilton Bay Front Hotel.

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