Opinion: Generation Gaps, National and Local

If you’re looking for a good read, try the November 26, 2018 opinion by New York Times columnist David Brooks. In “Liberal Parents, Radical Children”  Brooks writes about the return of the generation gap, only this time it’s massive, like in canyon-sized.

Much like larger society, the local Trans community is similarly split. While Brooks cites educators, tech company CEOs, and non-profit executives who describe their millennial employees as “militant progressives,” or “revolutionaries,” some older Trans men and women in the San Diego area use terms like “social justice league,” to describe those who think of themselves as militants in our midst.

While many of us prefer to work within the system to reform it, the “revolutionary crowd” relies on radical tactics such as parade interruptions, protests at local events, or social media bullying meant to call out anyone deemed a heretic to the community. Who decides this, by the way?

If members of one generation believe social ills can be ameliorated by participation in the system, gaining respect, and reforming it from within, some young people believe that the system is so totally rotten it needs torn down. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to hear a hand-full of young local Trans people use words and phrases like “comrade,” and “revolution not reform” while engaging others. All while seemingly oblivious to the excesses of Marxist regimes.

The full column can be found at www.nytimes.com/2018/11/26/opinion/millenial-activists-generation-gap.html

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