Hurtful Facebook Share Lands Trans Pride in Mess

A Facebook share that went viral Sunday proclaimed that Trans people who are in the United States Military or work in Law Enforcement are not welcome at Trans Pride. Those who follow the local Trans community noted near universal condemnation of the post. Most claimed that it was hate-filled and hurtful. The post was quickly taken down and while Jae Red Rose (who posted the original message) issued a statement regretting it, Trans Pride as an organization has yet to make a statement apologizing for the shared post. Neutral Corner shared a post Sunday evening reiterating our support for Trans people in the military and in law enforcement.

Neutral Corner was the fiscal agent for Trans Pride in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 Neutral Corner provided planning and management under the fiscal sponsorship of San Diego Pride. Starting last year the T-SPOT took over the sponsorship of Trans Pride.

A more detailed story can be found here in the SDGLN by the Community Editor Timothy Rawles,



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