The Tale of Two Transwomen models

Brazilian transgender model Valentina Sampaio poses during an interview in Milan on February 18, 2017.
Vogue Paris is to become the first French magazine to feature a transgender model on its cover, according the honour to Valentina Sampaio of Brazil for its March edition. Calling Sampaio the “glam standard-bearer of a cause that is on the march”, the French edition of Vogue describes the 22-year-old as a “femme fatale” who happened to be born a boy.
/ AFP / MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Carolyn Cossey circa 1981 around the time she appeared in the James Bond film.

Back in the 1980’s Carolyn Cossey was considered the leading edge of the Trans movement – after she was outed in a news article. A model whose image appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, stepping down runways, and even appearing as a James Bond girl in the film ‘For Your Eyes Only’, she appeared reluctant at first to embrace being out. She later owned her identity serving as an inspiration to many that transition was possible. But it was costly for her. In those days a revelation like that was enough to end careers.

Flash forward almost forty years and corporations are racing to place Trans people in their line-ups to demonstrate how embracing they are of diversity. Amazing that one super-model had to be outed and eschewed by business to be a spokesmodel of the Trans movement whilst another gets hired for the role.

History: Lili Elbe, Christine Jorgenson, Billy Tipton, Sylvia Rivera, Marsha Johnson, Renee Richards, Jan Morris, Carolyn Cossey, LaVerne Cox, and countless others have led to Valentina’s success and today’s acceptance.

And yet, there are those young who are so narcissistic that they are convinced they started the Trans movement. Really? Get #Rekt!

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