Our Trans History, Lynn Conway

Examine your computer, check your email, fidget with your phone and you’re liable to be utilizing one of the many components, applications, functions, or antecedents of today’s tech Ms. Conway was instrumental in the development of.

Born in 1938 Lynn Conway was assigned male at birth. She transitioned in 1968 in a time when to change ones gender publicly was revolutionary. As a result she kept her gender history quiet until the late 1990s. Until then Conway concentrated on her passions, her career and the outdoors.

She has pioneered many computer innovations that helped to produce our modern life. In her eighty-one years she has been employed by IBM, Memorex, Xerox PARC, and DARPA among others. She has been a faculty member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan.
Today, besides enjoying life with her husband, Roger, she still enjoys the great outdoors and speaking on Transgender topics.

Consider the accomplishments of this woman. She is an example of the brilliant diversity and capabilities of the Transgender person. She is a part of our history.



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